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Be Talent 
Club Edition 
‘Be Talent Group’ is the first cross user’s platform that addresses the needs of most parties in the football industry.

Using 'Deliberate Practice' concept and algorithms based on sport’s science, we can analyze the main qualities to eventually optimize athlete's skills, thus prepare more players for the highest leagues. The platform integrates with different wearable sensors, including video analysis GPS & pulse belts, analyze the receiving data to accessible form for sport professional. The platform offers recommendations to improve the club athletes and compare their performance worldwide. The only system that includes all the club professional needs to promote more professional's athletes.
Value Proposition 
• Analysis of information to simple scales and effective recommendations   
•Lowering operational risks managing staff, teams and players
• Producing more talents and professional players than ever
• Communicating with the right person in the right time
• Real time decision making 
• Transparency
• Exposure for new players
• Reason for players to excel
• Community
• Reducing time on many procedures 

Coming soon
Be Talent
One on One
The 'LinkedIn' of Sports
With new and innovative applications that will enable its users and social circles to receive, log and share real time information using advanced software, GPS & Pulse trackers. 
Social mobile app based on data analysis in order to compare athlete abilities from all over the world.

Our main feature: challenges between athletes by integrates with different wearable sensors and live games.

Becoming the first social athlete agent
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